Machines/ Fabrication

Our three Laserdyne 780 BeamDirector systems have five axes of laser beam motion, and are perfect for small to medium sized laser machining. Two of these machines are equipped with JK704 lasers, and the other is equipped with a CO2 laser.

Our Laserdyne 890 BeamDirector system has five axes of laser beam motion, and is perfect for large to extra large machining. This machine is equipped with a CO2 laser.

Our laser systems feature Laserdyne’s System 94 process control with Automatic Focus Control (AFC), with automatically guides the motion system, maintaining critical focus position and following the contour of the part regardless of slight surface irregularities. These machines allow us to achieve extremely precise accuracies that range from 0.005 to 0.1875 inch on contoured surfaces. Our Laserdyne systems are perfect for most laser machining needs including; laser cutting, laser drilling and percussion drilling.

3x - Laserdyne 780  (View Laserdyne 780 Brochure)
1x - Laserdyne 890  (View Laserdyne 890 Brochure)

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