Rentiel Precision Laser Cutting LLC Announces Purchase of Two Laserdyne Multi- Axis Laser Systems -- The Additional Systems Double The Company's Laser Processing Capacity

Multi- Axis Laser System

Tacoma, Washington: Rentiel Precision Laser Cutting LLC continues its rapid growth with the purchase of two refurbished Laserdyne multi-axis laser machining systems. Doubling its laser processing capacity, the addition of the two systems enables Rentiel to expand its customer base with the additional laser capacity.

Founded by Steve Leitner five years ago, the company has grown from a one-man shop to a four employee contract manufacturer specializing in laser processing three dimensional parts primarily for the aerospace industry while expanding into medical and electronic work.

"Rentiel's growth initially has been due to work from aerospace customers but more recently from our efforts to grow more business from the medical and electronics industries," reports Steve Leitner, Rentiel owner and president. "Our growth rate each of the last 2 years has averaged 35 percent stretching capacity with our existing facilities. So the addition of two more laser systems provides us with the capacity to handle additional projects while ensuring favorable delivery times to our customers."

The newly acquired Laserdyne systems are Laserdyne 780 BeamDirector which are both equipped with a JK704 laser. Both systems are completely refurbished including new rotary and shuttle table systems, according to Mr. Leitner.

"Our Laserdyne systems allow us to laser process parts with very complex features made from Inconel, stainless steel, Titanium and other exotic metals," reports Mr. Leitner. "The accuracy we get from our lasers is extremely precise. The precise tolerance requirements are typical for today's aerospace, medical and electronic components and can only be accomplished efficiently and economically with our types of laser systems and skilled workers."

The newly acquired laser systems have many unique features including Laserdyne's System 94 process controller with patented Automatic Focus Control (AFC). This feature automatically guides the motion system, maintaining critical focus position and following the contour of the part regardless of slight surface irregularities. With AFC, all machine axes react to sensing of the part surface, creating unlimited R-axis correction with high speed and unmatched sensitivity. The systems are used for deep hole-drilling, trepanning, percussion drilling and drilling on the fly including drilling of thermal barrier coated, aerospace engine components.

"The addition of these two Laserdyne systems allows us to maximize our productivity and output without downtime or scrapped parts," reports Mr. Leitner. "Additional floor space will be needed soon so a facilities move is next on the agenda for Rentiel," he stated.