Rentiel Precision Laser Cutting LLC Approved for Pratt & Whitney’s Source Qualification List

Tacoma, Washington: Rentiel Precision Laser Cutting LLC has been approved for inclusion in the Pratt and Whitney Source Qualification list. The addition to this list signifies that Rentiel can now laser process parts for Pratt and Whitney, which will contribute to Rentiel’s continuing rapid growth. Rentiel is now a qualified supplier per PWA 119-2.

Rentiel is a contract manufacturer specializing in laser processing three dimensional aerospace parts such as exhaust liners, de-icing tubes, scuff plates, and other types of jet engine transition components. They began as a one-man shop when Steve Leitner founded the company five years ago and has now grown to four employees. By applying complex laser technology to the most difficult aerospace applications Rentiel has seen and done it all.

Rentiel meets small and large fabrication needs with three Laserdyne 780 BeamDirector JK 704 Nd:YAG systems and one Laserdyne 890 BeamDirector CO2 system as well as other capital machine tools. These systems allow Rentiel to percussion drill and process parts with very intricate features made from Inconel, stainless steel, Titanium and other exotic metals, while allowing extremely precise accuracy on contoured surfaces. These types of laser systems as well as their skilled workers allow them to meet or exceed required tolerances for today’s aerospace components efficiently and economically.